It's amazing how we all just shave without much thought. While watching your video, The Capital in the Hunger Games kept popping up in my mind. All the "elites" in the Capital were basically hairless minus dyed hair on their heads.

I led yoga for years and when a student who didn't shave, including men with chest hair, joined class, inevitably another student would complain to me. It was so bizarre to me why anyone cared, and also did they expect me to hand out razors as part of a yoga class?

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I commented on the YouTube post but since it was at length I didnt add what I wanted to then saw the unplugged with the same artical so here goes.

I watch several YouTuber women who camp, fish, hunt, build or travel. I watch them because they have interesting content and keep things more or less interesting AND none of them wear noticeable if any makeup or shave anywhere (as far as I know anyway). One is actually Greek and does have hair on her legs although she grew up and lives in Canada. They are all confident and healthy women who I'd love to meet.

When I watch movies etc, if there are vain women who shave, apply goop (make-up) to their faces or wear the latest fasion I leave and find something else to watch because I'd rather watch REAL women who are themselves and not swayed by the need to be artificually beautiful..

Society is killing us with these ridiculous social "norms" all in the name of greed and yes, THAT is sickening.

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Makeup, shaving, high heels and bras

Coming from the sixties and the American counterculture, I wonder why women wear makeup and shave not why you don’t. We got rid of all that stuff, including burning bras and draft cards. Aside from the obvious that you look great naturally, how could it improve anyone’s life? Clowns, mimes and undertakers need makeup. When I see powerful women with brilliant glowing red lips I got to laugh. Some amazing women, powerful women, paint their faces and lips and put on pushup bras and shave and wear high heels. They look ridicules! It’s even worse that some women feel the need to shave their pubs. They are pandering to male propagated poor ideas of beauty. Especially high heels it’s like foot binding. These things cause insecurity about appearances. They seem to strip women of their humanity and make them a product. More power to you for thinking for yourself.

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This good love

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Simple: Personal choices should be an inalienable right. Real friends have open minds and they will stand by you.. But, a mate for life will also be controlled by their DNA brain which chooses through signals that the unique human has little free will to deviate from. Sometimes we are persuaded by our inate emotional desires that will let us endure that which we thought was impossible.

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